It wasn’t until the camera was taken away that I had to find a different outlet for my creativity, so I began to paint in 2012.


Having not experience of painting, I took it on board to learn as many different techniques as possible from text books and by looking at photographs of the great masters.

I became a prolific painter in a space of two wand a half years, of the toughest time in my life and working with unparalleled dedication, to create over 60 paintings by 2015.


"In that time, others took notice of his unique style, which he considers to be a blend of surrealist and contemporary influences, coupled with a vibrant use of colour. Recognizing his potential, Mathew Medows, who had organised exhibitions before for other artists at the Barristers chambers in Chancery Lane, offered to present Julio’s work in a solo exhibition in 2013.


Since then, his work has gone on to be featured at London's renowned Southbank Centre as part of the Koestler Trust's 'Catching Dreams' exhibition as well as his major London solo exhibition in July 2015 at Fox Court Chancery Lane, among several other group exhibitions since then.